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Hello wonderful DA world, I hope everything is going well!    Over the past year I completed my first year of Sheridan's Animation course and I must say I learned and grew a lot!  I've been inactive lately but have always been lurking.  I'm writing this in preparation for the art dump that is to occur, hopefully within the next few days and I'm really excited for it!  

In the mean time, I created a new blog back in december that I suppose I forgot to update here. Well here it is, I'd be most obliged if you'd check it out, It has some different things than what I usually would showcase on DeviantArt.  And if you yourself have a blog, link it, I'm always looking for new ones to follow!

when photoshop crashes...

Thank you for the birthday wishes everyone!  I promise I will very soon get back to my comments and everything, I love you guys! <3
Commission Information:

->General Rules are as follows<-

1.   Due to my not wanting any possible legal trouble in the future, I will not be offering commissions of copyrighted characters that the commissioner does not own the rights to.  I will gladly however provide commissions for your own original characters.

2.   I can provide service for anything and everything else, be it male or female, a mermaid or a turtle.  Anything and everything is alright.  Feel free to note me if you have any specific inquiries.
3.   I reserve the right to refuse you as a client, should I not feel that I can successfully complete your commission to your standards.

4.   Payment will be made through PayPal.

5.   I require full payment, and the filling out of the Commission Form before I begin the Artistic Process, and only after I have approved the commission.

6.   Should the commissioner be unsatisfied with initial results, I will offer minor agreed upon edits.    However, no refunds will be made.

7.   The commissioner must be willing to communicate via e-mail.

8.   I shall have 5 slots open for commissions.  When they are filled I will not accept any more until they are complete.

->Types of Commissions<-

*Note:  All prices are subject to increase due to heavy detail, size etc.
**Note:  If applicable, the original artwork can be sent for $20 USD plus shipping.

->Black and White or Sketches<-

Mediums: Graphite, Pen and Ink and or Digital

Half body: $20 USD
Caribou by chostopher Cigarette Cindy by chostopher (But with out colourized texture)
Full body: $30 USD
Beautiful, Dirty Fish graphite by chostopher
Additional character: + $10 USD
Simple background:  Included
Complex background:  + $10 USD

->Coloured Images<-

Mediums:  Coloured Pencil, Marker, Pen and Ink, Digital

Portrait:  $35 USD
Meet Colour by chostopher Insect by chostopher
Half body:  $45 USD
OCTOPUSS by chostopher Rapunzel by chostopher Jelly Couture by chostopher Commission: Sarah-L-B by chostopher
Full body:  $ 55 USD
Summer Girl by chostopher Sorciere by chostopher Terra by chostopher
Additional character: + $20 USD
Simple background:  Included
Complex background: + $20 USD

->The Commission Form<-

Fill this submission form below and Note it to me here, or send it through email to titled, Commission.

Name and or Deviant ID:
Email and PayPal email:
Type of Commission:
Type of Background (If any):
Number of Characters:
Reference from my Gallery: (If you want a similar style to something I have done before)
Reference links that apply:
Request of Title:
Size: (in pixels or inch)
Requested yet reasonable deadline:  (be realistic, though we can also discuss this further through email)
Yes or No to submitting to DeviantArt:

->The Artistic Process<-

After I have approved your commission, and I have received payment, I shall begin the process in creating you your artwork.  The process in which this happens is as follows.

1.   I will do a series of “Thumbnail Sketches”, these are smaller rough drawings that will illustrate the general composition and look of the finished work

2.   I will then email the commissioner these sketches, the commissioner will let me know if they approve of any and if so which sketch or sketches they would like to see me elaborate on.

3.   When the thumbnail(s) has been approved, I will then create a larger, cleaner version of this artwork with some colour (if applicable).  I will then do the same as I did with the thumbnails and send them off to be approved.  The commissioner will then choose ONE of the roughs for me to create the final piece off of.

4.   If it is a more complex piece I shall send smaller previews just to make sure I am on the right track in delivering what the commissioner is asking for.

5.   When I have deemed artwork is complete, and all edits or adjustments have been taken care of, I will then send the commissioner the high resolution digital file for the piece, this includes a JPEG and PSD file.  If applicable the commissioner can also request the original sketches or artwork if in traditional form to be shipped to them for an extra $20 USD plus shipping.

There, I hope I made everything clear but if there is anything you are unsure of or have questions, don't be afraid to send me a note!

Thanks guys,


~Commission Slots~  While the slots are filled, I will not be able to take your commission.  You may still email/note me however and I will let you know when I have a spot available!


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I was finally accepted into Sheridan's BA of Animation Program! :D  I'm ecstatic and feel so relieved!  Last year I was wait-listed and in many ways I am glad.  This past year I have improved so much and learned a tremendous amount.  I've also met some really great people!  What I am most happy about is my character I featured in my portfolio.  She's a real boss-lady and I can't wait to introduce her to cyberspace!  

Congrats to :iconpat7: for getting accepted as well!  She really really deserved it!  More so than any other person I have met at Sheridan!

on another note I still do not have my laptop back, I'm using my old one of a few years ago and it just doesn't compare :'(

On another NOTHER note... Beautiful, Dirty Fish by chostopher was on the front page!!!  My first front page deviation and I still can't believe why it was!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!


ps* commission info soon
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Hello DA!  Just dropping by to say thanks for all the lovely comments and love. :)

And also that my Macbook is being a see you next tuesday and not starting up :(  So I won't be active until that issue is dealt with :(


hardcore bumbed

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First of all I'd like to thank :icontommygk:, :iconatramina: and whomever else suggested that it be featured!  I honestly did not think it ever would be but I am enormously thankful and honored!  I will make something clear that I will always reply to every comment and note I receive and am off to do so now!

Thank you!
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Please take a look at my good friend :iconpat7:'s 7 Heavenly Virtue series featuring Disney ladies as well!

:thumb191199624: :thumb191552069: :thumb191844872:
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is also the title of Trina's fifth studio album, and indeed it is, but that's not what I created this journal for :P.  I'm just tired and bored and looking for something to do, so I figured why not make a journal to address something I have begun to notice around DA.  It is amazing what you will stumble on, or who you will stumble on with those random deviant/deviation buttons.  The amount of hate you find on this site is, well to me, very surprising.  I personally have never encountered what I recognize as hate on DA, everyone here has been very good to me :D.  But the amount of ignorance around this site is kind of peculiar to me.  And maybe I'm wrong but always was under the impression that artists, which is who deviantART is mainly for, were more open minded, or at least not complete idiots.  Just today I read a ton of anti-woman comments and I simply do not understand it.  Especially when some of the comments were from a woman herself. Isn't it odd when women aren't feminists?  That's when you get the REAL living proof that dinosaurs once roamed the earth (and not Yzma), Ann Coulter. :shudders:
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Hey all, I have so many sketches and what not I want to share with you all, however I am down near Detroit in a hotel suite.  With no scanner.  It really dislike not being able to post when I have things I really want to!  Oh well, I'm back home on Monday so I can  do it then.  I'm also designing a bunch of t-shirts to be sold in the near future, Cigarette Cindy by chostopher being one of them with many new designs that I hope will be well appreciated :D

So let me know if you would be interested in purchasing a shirt.  I know I haven't showed you all of the designs except for Ciggy Cindy, but I think you can get an idea of what they will look like from looking at my gallery :)  You can vote in the poll, or c:)mment, so please do, and please be honest!  :D  Thanks!
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I absolutely HATE runny noses....
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Greetings DA!  Thought it was time to do my biannual journal update.  Hope it becomes a more frequent occurrence but nothing too exciting has been happening around here.  Just me enjoying my summer, pool and time off of work.  I just turned 18 two weeks ago and I am still Disney obsessed :D.  Wish I could type more, but I can't really think of anything else to put down.  I'm sure when I start school in September I will have tonnes to say :).

Also, I attended the Monster Ball 2.0.   ah.  may. zing.
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Title inspired my dear friend :iconerika--m: who will be attending Sheridan College with me next year!  I applied for the Animation program, but I'm on the waiting list as my art just meets the standard :cry: but my portfolio score and marks allow me to be offered admission to Art Fundamentals and two other Vis/Creative Arts courses, one of them advanced, so the advanced one is what I'm going to accept.  I'm just happy I wasn't rejected, and that I got into my top choice school.  Still it kind of upsets me about my score, makes me wish that I had done more research to see what kind of work people already in the program were producing, or what they expected.  So I'll do that now, anyone reading this ever been in the Animation/ any arts program at Sheridan?  Could you give me some constructive criticism or advice or anything?